Winter is Coming: 5 Tips On Protecting Your Tips

As a native natural of California, I never had to deal with temperatures below 55 degrees. Boy, moving to the East Coast gave me the quickest reality check on how to really take care of my natural hair.

With winter coming close and the weather getting crisp it’s time for every natural to switch up the regimen. For the past few weeks, I’ve been rocking a twist-out I carried for almost 4 days now. My hair is beginning to dry out and isn’t up to par so it’s time to makes some changes!

Cooler weather means less humidity thus resulting in the drying out of your hair. Here’s some tips to get your natural hair prepared for crisp winter months.

  1. Sweaters are everyone’s go-to with colder months approaching, but we don’t realize that if our natural hair is brushing up against our clothing, we are putting our ends at a great risk of breakage. 

    Suggestion: Start sporting your hair in an up-do. Buns are perfect for not only tucking away your ends for safety, but making a fall fashion statement. 

  2. As the weather continues to get a bit chilly we find more breakage when wearing beanies on our locs, especially with most being made of some type of fabric that causes friction to the hair shaft. 

    Suggestion: Line your beanies with satin or wear a bonnet underneath your beanie. You can still be warm and rock your favorite beanie without worrying about destruction of the tresses.2

  3. Protective styling is a huge safety net for the upcoming cold months! The weather will dry out your hair and make it more difficult on your ends. 

    Suggestion: Tuck those bad curls away in Senegalese twists, poetic justice braids (which are my go-to), or a fierce crotchet! 

  4. The air itself will suck the moisture out of your hair in a heartbeat. You can count on it! There is a lack in humidity that keeps our curls pretty balanced for moisture so you will will have to compensate.

    Suggestion: Deep condition more than you typically would. Your goal is to make sure your hair is locking in as much moisture as possible to combat the dry air. Help your tresses win the fight! 

  5. Stopping at just moisturizing will only set you and your natural hair up for failure. The weather is more harsh on your strands, so you really need to pack a punch back.

    Suggestion: Thicker oils and butter will seal the deal on natural hair. My all-time favorite for my hair is pure shea butter – I also add in some coconut oil to give my hair the umph I need, especially because my natural hair is a bit thicker.

Hopefully these are helpful for you curlies out there! Any other tips to mention?

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