Protective Styles

Protective Styling This Season

This is the season for protective styling and making sure your natural hair hibernating for the colder season. As I have mentioned in a previous post that taking care of your hair is going to crucial for retaining length and promoting growth of your locs.

Here are a few ideas of my protective styling go-to’s:

  • The infamous bun! You can’t go wrong with a cute bun. I’m talking top-knot buns, low buns, side buns, messy buns, two buns, three buns – I can go on forever. Buns are great protective styles that really tuck away your ends and prevent breakage in the long run.

Protective Styling

  • “Poetic Justice, Poetic Justice.” Poetic Justice braids are my favorite kinds of braids because like many people, I’m too busy. They are braided large enough that I don’t have to cringe when I think about taking the braids out. And while they are in, I can still be versatile (and still wear a bun). I would make sure that my edges are small braids than the rest otherwise you could pull our hair and risk hardcore damage.

Protective Styling

  • Extensions, weave, whatever you want to call it. I love being able to change up my look and these give me the best changes without worrying about heat damage or having to using hair coloring products. It gives my natural hair a rest and this form of protective styling really tucks my hair away.

Protective StylingProtective Styling        Protective Styling

  • Wrap that hair. Hair wraps are thee best for protective styling natural hair or transitioning hair! Sometimes when I have worn out my twist-out or my hair isn’t looking as great, my hair wrap comes to the rescue. You can wear them solid, patterned, large, small, whatever you want and be stylish on the fly.

Protective Styling

Have you tried any of these protective styles? Maybe you have some to add? I’d love to hear what you all do!


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