Henna Hair Color

My Henna Hair Coloring Experience

If you consider dying your hair without the harmful effects of the actually dying process, consider henna! Not only does henna tint your hair, but is also tried and proved to have lasting benefits.

Henna provides an additional layer to your hair, working to condition the shafts. Natural hair reaps the benefits found using 100% natural henna to coat; it would be wisest to purchase henna from a natural herb supplier.

Here are benefits I experienced with my first henna application:

  1. Smoother hair strands. The coating of henna on my hair really made my hair appear more silky and smoother to styling, did I mention it made my twist-out look amazing!
  2. More definition in my curl pattern. In addition to smoothing my hair, the henna made my strands clump which caused a more defined curl pattern.
  3. Strengthening to fight breakage. Now that I am finger detangling, I do not find my hair dealing with much breakage. Henna has made my detangling experience more convenient and I have yet to deal with much breakage.

Overall, my experience was interesting. Here’s what I did…

I used Colora henna in Red Sunset (which I thought would be my first mistake since I wasn’t quite sure if it was 100% natural) and I went for it anyway. I added water and mixed in some conditioner to avoid the brittle feeling that many natural hair bloggers complained about. The mixture was a thick, muddy consistency. From there I applied the mixture to damp hair. I used a plastic shower cap and wrapped my hair in plastic wrap, ending with my towel wrapped over it.

I didn’t leave the mixture in too long, only 40 minutes before I took it out. And from there my hair looked and felt great. I definitely recommend henna if you are looking for bolder, thicker, defined hair.


Tell me! What was your first experience like?!


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