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Blvck Beauty Spotlight: Jade LeSure

And I am back in action y’all! Of course, you know I had to come back with a bang and give you my BLVCK BEAUTY SPOTLIGHT for the month. This woman is fierce in every way – seriously, this chick can s l a y.

Jade LeSure:

From: Moreno Valley, California residing in Fort Worth Texas
Occupation: Magazine Owner, Wardrobe Stylist, Personal Assistant, Teachers Aide (A lot, I Know)
Likes:  just enjoying my life at the moment and enjoying the people in my life.
Dislikes:  cheese, bugs, entitled people, and horribly dressed people

What inspired you to start your magazine? I love fashion. Simply put, I live and breath fashion and style. I kept thinking about how much I love the two and how much I love to write and my blog pretty much started from there. Writing has always been a habit of mine and being able to write about what I love just makes it that much easier.



What is the most challenging part of writing? The most challenging part is finding the time to write and always being able to stay consistent. Because following your dreams your going to have some low points where your just not feeling it. I recently just went through one of those moments recently where I couldn’t find the energy or the inspiration to write. I finally realized I was slowing myself down and slowing my progress down, because running your own business sometimes your going to have those moments. The best way to overcome those moments is to really remember why you started doing it in the first place and remembering that god gave you a purpose and that living in your purpose is not always going to be easy.


What makes your style stand out? I think what makes my style standout is that I am style. I am a style setter I don’t follow all the latest trends. I make my own style. I make my own fashion rules that make me feel comfortable and confident in what I wear. I am a true essence of style in my daily life in my everyday endeavors I bring an essence of a style. Style is my art. My style is giving my creative passion to the world in different forms.

Where does all that inspiration come from? My definite top favorites by far would have to be Jai Nice, Marjorie Harvey, Teyana Taylor, Anaya Rodrick , EJ King, Bryon Javar definitely my style inspirations, honestly, I think they are so awesome. The way they embody their style is like art to me. I love the fact they play by there own rules and make the fashion world follow them verses following it.


Tell me about a time when you didn’t feel beautiful; did you overcome that? I would have to say high school. I struggled with feeling pretty comparing myself to other young ladies. I showed confidence but I really wasn’t confident at all, but I put on a good front. Wasn’t until I transferred to another college and kind of found my real essence of style and beauty. I really found who I was in that time. Now I am still learning about myself, its those little things I find out myself that make me love myself even more.

What advice do you have for ladies out there with similar struggles? For young women, especially women of color who are struggling with image and self-confidence, I say, “ don’t let society determine your beauty. Don’t let society determine what is considered to beautiful to you. Remember that you are born a queen. Remember that you are the true essence of beauty, grace and art. Remember that your self-confidence lies within you as long as you remember that you are a queen nobody can take that from you. Don’t let Instagram or other social media show you what facade beauty is. Always remember you are beautiful from your curly heads and natural Afros to your curvaceous body to your pretty feet that you are beautiful in every essence of the word.”



How do you define Black Beauty? Black Beauty means embracing all that you are good and bad. Black beauty is in the way we walk talk and the way we carry ourselves. Black beauty isn’t being ratchet, being half naked or any of those things. The beauty lies within our inner being lies within our minds when we speak we act etc. Black beauty is being a queen when the world tells you your not. Black beauty is being everything that god has created us to be. Black beauty is me, its you, and its every other women of color out here that exudes her confidence and beauty through her essence.

Special thanks to Jade for bearing through with me! (; Remember to follow this black beauty!

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