Curly Crush of the Week: Amber Barnes

Introduce yourself!

“My name is Amber. I’m 23 and I’m currently getting my MA in Science and Religion (just finished my first semester, yay!).”

How long have you been natural?

“I’ve been natural for about 3.5 years. I went natural after my hair started breaking off after I died my hair blonde.”


Curly Crushcheck you out! so what’s been the hardest part of the journey?

“The hardest part of the journey is the wash day! I always dread the the amount of time it takes to wash my hair.”

me too! what about the best part?

“My favorite part of the journey is trying new products (I’m a product junkie!) and seeing my curl pattern change as my hair gets healthier.”

Curly Crush

Yass! your hair is bringing me to life! do you mind sharing your go-to hair styles?

“I’m a wash and go girl and I love wearing my hair in a pineapple.”

what would you recommend for prospective naturals out there struggling to make the COMMITMENT?

“Since I decided to transition my hair instead of doing the big chop, my advice would be have patience and enjoy the journey. Transitioning taught me to truly love my hair and myself. I have more self confidence now, than I’ve ever had in my life.”

Curly Crush

i think often, naturals aren’t as recognized for making a difference in the community. Do you feel that you are bringing change?

“I think I’m making a making a difference by just loving my hair texture and curls. That’s what it’s all about right?”

I absolutely agree! the natural hair movement is now a lifestyle for both women and men. what’s your take on this long-living movement?

“I think the natural hair movement is doing a great job of showing all hair textures as beautiful. It’s giving girls of all ages the confidence to love their natural hair and skin color.”

Yes! And speaking of loving your natural hair, what goals do you have for your hair?

“My hair goal is to have my hair past my shoulders when dry.”

Curly Crush

to finish off, what 4 words would you use to describe your hair?

“I would say my hair is: thick, healthy, big, beautiful.”

Curly Crush

If y’all like this Curly Crush, you can follow her hair journey on Instagram: _majestic92



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