Black Wall Street: Support Black Business

Here is a much needed history lesson, one that strays from American textbook from back in the day. I’m talking about a real history lesson on the terrorist attacks of Black Wall Street.

Let me start by mentioning this: In Black America, the Black consumer market has exceeded $1 trillion dollars per year. We are a extremely powerful market, not only in the power of the black dollar, but in the power of being trendsetters for major companies and society. But, did you know about 2% of the $1 trillion dollars each year in invested in our own black communities?

How is it that we hold so much economic drive and power, yet our communities struggle to support one another?

Flashback to the era of three Black Wall Streets (yes, three). The most well-known black wall street was located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Due to the Jim Crow laws, segregation made this district thrive. There were post offices, black salons and barbers, black grocery stores and clothing stores, and even had their own successful black school systems. This was a prominent time in history when Blacks were doing their thing. This community had so much power that white Americans felt so threatened by it, they bombed the community, killing thousands of hard working people, men, women, and children. In a textbook, this is called the 1921 Race Riots of Tulsa; in reality, this is called terrorism.

The other (not as known) Black Wall Streets were located in Durham, North Carolina and Richmond, Virginia (Jackson Ward). These too have fallen from the anger of white supremacy.

Here are a few reasons you need to shop black:

  1. Supporting black business helps to circulate a dollar that once upon a time lasted months in the black community. Today the black dollar last 6 hours before it’s in the hands of mainstream corporations.
  2. Black businesses bring in more black jobs! These jobs in turn help t secure the financial future for the black community.
  3. This is an opportunity to begin creating wealth for ourselves instead of continue to create wealth for those that keep us oppressed.

Today, I challenge you all to start purchasing from today’s black businesses so we can begin to create wealth in our communities. I stumbled across a directory that may fancy some of you, so check it out!


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