Blvck Beauty Spotlight: T’Era J. Henderson

It’s been a while, but I have been waiting on the perfect person to spotlight and Miss T’Era J. Henderson is it! This Blvck Beauty goes back to my high school days. Not only is she beautiful on the outside, but she is a force on the inside. She is completely noteworthy and should be on your Youtube staple list!


Background: T’era J. Henderson, 22, birthday August 21, 1993 (turning 23 this summer)


Hobbies: I love doing makeup, being outdoors (whether it’s being active on a hike, playing volleyball, or the beach), reading about health, lifestyle, and beauty trends.
Where are you from?: I was born in Gardena, and moved to Moreno Valley at 8 years old.
Why did you start your channel?: I’ve known that I was into beauty for a long time. I was first introduced to it at the age of 12 when I began modeling for Barbazon. I did not like what the modeling industry’s idea of “beauty” was so I only last for about a year. As a young african-american girl with curly nappy hair, chinky-eyes, and a big forehead, it was always hard for me to find myself and define what beauty meant to me. To me, beauty wasn’t diverse. I always felt like I had to look like the girls with the light skin, straight hair, and big bold eyes. It wasn’t until after high school where I began to teach myself how to love what God gave me. And I wanted every other girl to feel the same way. But now-a-days it is hard to feel comfortable in your own skin when we are constantly comparing ourselves to Instagram models and girls that big makeup companies advertise. When I would watch a makeup tutorial and try it on myself, it would always be so discouraging because all these looks weren’t designed for a brown gal like myself. I definitely felt like there wasn’t enough diversity on YouTube, or enough people teaching their subscribers that at the end of the day, all these makeup photos we take are that they compare themselves too, are edited, and all this makeup we wear isn’t permanent. So its important to love yourself first. I see WAY too many girls saying “i wish i looked like that” or “why are you so perfect” or how a lot of makeup products are made for fair skinned girls. But just like Patrick Star said, “makeup is a one size fits all and it comes off at the end of the day” ..and I really just wanna be that one that little girls grow up watching and can actually relate to and learn from someone of the same skin tone. I want to inspire the next generation of “natural beauty vs. makeup as an accessory, not a necessity.” (I totally just made that up and I’m proud of cool it is lol)
So to answer your question, the 2 main reasons I made my channel was to 1.) promote self love, and 2.) Be a role model for us women on color; teaching us how to love our skin, and how makeup looks just as good on our skin as it does anyone else’s ! 
Favorite daytime look: To be honest I really love a bold look anytime of the day. The only difference is for day-time, I will most likely swap the contour for bronzer and instead of smoking out the bottom lash line, I will wear a nude color liner instead ! But I’m type of girl that will wear dark brown lipstick and a maroon smokey eye at 9am lol.
image (2)
Favorite night-time look: I definitely like to go heavy on the highlighter and lashes! Other than that, I’m drag queen status lol. Just kidding, My favorite night-time look would definitely have to be some kind of purple or deep red.
image (1)
Define beauty: Beauty to me lies within someones spirit. It is self love. It is self confidence, and being aware that meeting the standards of a “flawless” outer appearance is unattainable.
What trends do you see on the rise this spring? Honestly I still see the excessive highlighter as being trendy, I see metallic lipsticks are starting to creep its way in, I see more people are aiming for curly hair, and oddly I’m starting to see more and more faux freckles over makeup being done. I just may do a tutorial on it.
What is your goal as a new beauty blogger? My goal is to be a positive role model, not just someone that people look up too as this flawless makeup goddess. As said before, another goal of mine is to promote self love and confidence, and be a great public figure for Women of Color.
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