5 Excuses Why You Won’t Be Natural

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of finally embracing your natural roots, let’s put aside those nasty excuses as to why you didn’t want to be natural to begin with.

5. Relaxing my hair is much easier to manage.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Sometimes I miss the days when I could run my fingers through my hair and shake it all out for that bounce. But, if that means having to stunt my natural hair growth, deal with damaged tresses, fight a dry scalp, and have a love-hate relationship with new growth then I am out. 

4. I can’t pull it off.

Never in my life did I imagine I would be sitting here as a natural and fully embracing my own hair texture. I didn’t know I could pull it off, but I tried and found my thing. The great thing about being natural is having so much versatility! Since I have been natural, I have done pineapples, twist outs, bantu knots, protective styled with weaves, braids, Marley twists, my hairs been red, purple, light brown, black and the list goes on. You need to know, you can pull off whatever you WANT to pull off.

3. My hair looks better straight.

Preferring your hair straight has nothing to do with being naturalBeing natural is about embracing what you got and ensuring its just as healthy as the rest of you. I am a firm believer that you can be natural and straighten your hair and I am also a believer in weaves (extensions, whatever you want to call it.) Nothing is wrong with switching it up, but you can’t HIDE behind these things because you haven’t embraced what you already have.

3. I don’t want to cut off my hair.

What makes you think you HAVE to cut your hair off? That’s the path some naturals take, but you can just as easily transition (like so many of my hair idols have done). Transitioning involves tons of blending, very similar to blending your natural hair to be straight, instead you are manipulating your hair to be curlier and as similar to the root as possible and over the course of a few months, you are cutting away damaged hair.

2. I would want my hair to look like (insert unrealistic expectation).

With all things considered, our society is tainted by the idea that if your hair is natural, it has to follow certain guidelines to be considered beautiful. I like to envision the natural that looks like this:

Long, bouncy spirals that are voluminous and have the perfect amount of shi1`ne that (blah blah blah)…

Let’s drop this expectation and get real. Your hair is beautiful so stop holding back and let it shine!

1. I don’t have time.

This is probably the number 1 excuse I hear so often, and trust when I say I was once a victim of this mindset. Intially, being natural is a bit time-consuming but in the long-term you will save so much time. Now that I am familiar with my hairs behavior I can sport twists for one week, twist out the next and pineapple it for the third. It’s all about ow manipulation. And in winter I twist my hair and rock scarves (tons of scarves!) It’s all about getting to know your hair.

So let’s leave our excuses in 2015 and get into this journey for 2016!


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