Living Your Best F*cking Life Is An Art

It isn’t unusual to take a glimpse at your life and feel like something just isn’t right or going as you planned. I know this, because I am still living it.

By the age of 25, I dreamed of starting my journey into entrepreneurship. I would be engaged – or on the brinks of it – to my best friend and partner in crime, living near some modern yet quaint city and spending countless summers exploring the world. I imagined I was living!

But, I learned that life is but a series of nonsense meant to force you to grow and sh*t just doesn’t always go according to plan. As much as this can be terrifying or  often disappointing, I’ve had the best experiences and learned the greatest lessons.

Living Lesson #1: Let go of fear, take the opportunity.

Letting go of fear is a challenge of its own. 

Guess who used to be the expert of fear? This girl right here! I wasted so much time living in fear of what others thought about me, why I couldn’t achieve my end game goals, and convincing myself why I wasn’t ready. There was a steady stream of fear flowing through my body; fear of failure, heartbreak, love, relying on myself, making my own decisions, taking the next big leap, taking the next big fall. I suffered from severe indecisiveness and through this, I allowed others to guide me through their streams.

I learned over the past few years to let go of fear and grab the reigns of your life. Without letting go of fear, there is no possibility of accomplishing your dreams and passions.

Living Lesson #2: Commit.

Lacking consistency is the plague of our demise. When we don’t commit we become the masters of nothingness.

Making commitments and sticking to them help you accomplish everything you hoped for. Life is full of commitments, to education, relationships, careers, and whatnot. But a commitment is just an empty promise if you don’t follow through.

Living Lesson #3: You are responsible for your happiness.

This specific lesson has kicked my ass for decades. It’s all part of having boundaries and being fearless. You are conducting your show, no one else.

Yes, it is o-f*cking-kay that your relationships bring you happiness. But NEVER should your relationships be the source of all your happiness. Our relationships are never promised and people change, people grow. The only person that moves at your exact wavelength, is you.

Learn to count on yourself fifteen times more than your relationships by making yourself happy.

Living Lesson #4: Travel/Live alone.

Get off the couch. Leave home. Get uncomfortable. Move or travel somewhere you have never been. I can’t stress enough how much my travels and living alone made me so damn amazing. Why? Because I had to rely on myself and when I figure something out, it only built my self-esteem. Traveling gave me the opportunity to meet people different from what I was used to. It pushed me to diversify myself and made me more comfortable to change.

Living Lesson #5: Be okay with failing.

Failure is inevitable. Believe it or not, failure is the building block to success – only if we learn from our mistakes and reevaluate improvements. “Next time” is the part that most people stop at and results in the wrong approach to attaining success. Without failing, you can never know success. Don’t let fear of failure dictate your capacity for success.

These are a few living lessons I learned over the years and I know they can change the way you approach a redefined you! Despite not being in the place I planned for myself, I couldn’t imagine my life any other way. So what the f*ck are you waiting for?


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