Deep Conditioning

Deep Conditioning 101: The Do’s and Don’ts

Natural hair tends to be more vulnerable to breakage in African Americans and some POC, which is why deep conditioning treatments are a must-have in any naturalista’s hair regimen. Deep conditioning allows moisture to penetrate the hair shaft and keep hair healthy, shiny, and slayed. There are levels to deep conditioning and we need you to get this down!


Do: Listen to your hair and deep condition at least once a week.

By deep conditioning once a week, you are giving your hair the nutrients it needs to remain moisturized and strong. Your hair undergoes a lot of trouble through the week, so having a nice deep conditioning treatment will revitalize your hair.

Don’t: Leave a deep conditioner in longer than the directions ask.

Your hair will only absorb so much deep conditioner. Keeping it in longer than instructed will do no more justice to your strands than leaving it in as long as the instructions say.

Do: Focus on the ends of your hair.

Focusing the deep conditioner at the ends of your hair will help in the long run. The ends of your hair are the oldest parts and the most vulnerable to breakage. By focusing on the ends, you are ensuring strength is built for your hair and you are avoiding those nasty split ends.

Don’t: Spend your coins on hype.

It is great to have a good recommended product to help you out with deep conditioning. But, a price tag doesn’t mean much if you do not have the appropriate ingredients for your hair to flourish.

Do: Use heat or steam.

In order for moisture to effectively reach into the hair shaft, open the shaft with heat so the hair can capture the moisture. This is a crucial step to ensuring your deep conditioning process goes smooth.

What are some tips that you have for deep conditioning your natural hair?


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