Maximize Productivity

5 Ways to Maximize Productivity

Late nights & early mornings… sounds like a Marsha Ambrosius song, right?! Too often we find ourselves begging for more time in a day to get shit done. I find that the reason we feel like we are wasting time through a 24-hour day is because our minds are set on different priorities. We have all been there, prioritizing just one more hour of sleep, or taking 10 more minutes for your lunch break. These are the things that are eating away at your day and keep YOU from reaching your full potential. So what can you do to ensure you are making the most of your days and you maximize productivity?

  1. Make Lists.
    Making lists is the best thing your can start training your brain to do. Creating a list of things to do each morning will help you maximize your time. When you cross them off, you become closer to a sense of fulfillment and pride. In addition, it becomes one less thing you have to stress over. I use Saturdays to list out my upcoming week (all the major things I can think of) and through the week, I will add to my lists based on priority.
  2. Prioritize Effectively.
    This goes hand in hand with making lists to begin with. Do you ever create a list of things to achieve for the day and realize you spent so much time completing something that wasn’t as important as the item at the bottom of your list? I learned a technique with prioritizing in my lists. First, you write everything down, then you use letters A-D (A being the most important and D being the most flexible with timelines), once you have marked your items, you will use numbers to identify which A-List items to work on first, and so on. This method really keeps you focus on what items you need to prioritize.
  3.  The 3 Percent Factor.
    I follow Brian Tracy, an amazing salesman and personal success authority. In a book I read, he brings up that 3% of adults have written goals and plans – these are the folks that earn more than the 97% put together. Isn’t it the least bit interesting to know that just by having a consistent flow of written goals and plans, you too can be more productive, and in turn earn more? This reminder motivates me to work on my self-discipline to achieve my goals. Having clearly set goals puts you on track to accomplishing them, making your more successful than those around you.
  4. Use Downtime to Increase You!
    We are interesting creatures, we complain about having  no time in a day and yet find so much free-time. What are you doing during your free-time? I use my downtime to invest in myself. I read books on topics that are the interesting to me, I watch videos related to my specific skills, and I practice my craft. During any lunch breaks, I am sketching or writing ideas. I am investing in myself and you should too!
  5. Do It More.
    I got the best advice from a friend that has his own company in fashion. I asked, “to what do you owe your successes and how can I do it?” He responded, “I found what works, and I did it more. And the more I did it, the more success came my way. So, whatever you are doing, do it more.” You want to be more productive, then when you go through a day that makes you feel accomplished by the end of it, start doing it more. This can go toward any facet in your life – apply it to get the promotion at work, to starting a business, to paying down a credit card. Do it more.

I hope these are tidbits that maximize productivity from you. Are there any other things you are doing to increase your productivity?


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